Vintage 1960s Majestic DeLuxe (Tama) Drum Set 20/12/14 w/ Snare White Marine Pearl

Product Description

*No longer available.

This is a killer 1960s “Majestic DeLuxe” MIJ drum set in excellent 100% original, well taken care of, seldom played condition. Majestic was one of, if not thee highest quality brands in the 1960s Tama stencil line up.  This set looks like it spent most of its life in someones bedroom.Other than the heads, this set is completely original with no extra holes or modifications of any kind. The Majestic bass drums were designed with a larger than average rail mount which looks very cool, comes to an “M” shape on both sides, and makes it easy to position the tom for a righty or lefty. This set was very much inspired by Gretsch round badge sets of the era, they have silver interiors with no reinforcement rings, and the throw-off on the snare definitely has the Gretsch Micro-Sensitive vibe going on. They are also inspired by 1960s Sonor sets with the staggered lug design. The white marine pearl wrap is gorgeous, and the set tunes up well. Those that know about these drums understand the value and cool factor of them. Perfect sizes for jazz or rock. This is a lot of vintage goodness for the price.


bass 14″x20″

tom 8″x12″

floor tom 14″x14″

snare 5.5″x14″