Vintage 1964 Gretsch Progressive Jazz Drum Set Black Diamond Pearl 20/12/14

Product Description

*No longer available.

For your supreme viewing pleasure is this stunning Gretsch Progressive Jazz outfit in extremely attractive black diamond pearl.  It looks identical to the black diamond pearl Progressive Jazz set played by Elvin Jones during the early and mid 60s.  It’s completely original other than heads.  There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  This is easily one of the nicest Round Badge Gretsch sets we’ve ever had or seen in person.  The original wrap is in remarkably clean shape with no scratches, scrapes, tom rash, or scuffs of any kind – something rarely seen on these sets. Many 1960s round badge era drums have a problem with modern heads fitting very tightly (or not at all).  This is NOT the case here, this set can use any modern heads including Remo, and has Remo heads on both sides of all three drums.  The rail mount looks great and is fully functional.  The chrome is all very nice with minimal signs of age.  All three drums display nice silver sealer interiors and paper tags which have serial numbers that date the set to approximately 1964.  All of the original tone controls are fully functional, including the original batter side Pratt muffler on the bass drum.  The bearing edges are true and original.  Most importantly, they tune up wonderfully and sound incredible.  This set is ready for the finest of collections, recording studios, or stages.  Enjoy!


Bass: 14″x20″

Tom: 8″x12″

Floor Tom: 14″x14″