About Us

Drugan’s Drums & Guitars is a unique family run establishment tailored to meet the demands of musicians who seek the warmth, attention to detail & expertise normally associated with the mom & pop music boutiques of yesteryear. Our tightly knit collective has an insatiable love, dedication, admiration & appreciation for musical instruments & the folks that play them. We share a particular affinity for vintage instruments from the golden era of rock & roll, blues & jazz as well as present day offerings from manufacturers steeped in the tradition of the companies that pioneered & crafted the instruments that made the pure sonic bliss immortalized on your favorite recordings possible.


Whether you’re a gigging pro, a beginner looking for advice on how to get started with an instrument or finding the teacher that is the best fit for you, an astute collector or a hobbyist that plays for fun; we have your best interest in mind. We want to get you set up with what’s best for your playing situation & budget. We were fortunate enough to grow up amongst small family operated music shops that took care of us & put our needs over their pocket books. This wasn’t something we realized at the time it was happening at a young age, but rather an understanding that matured over time. We felt like we were being taken care of by family members when we would visit these stores which always kept us coming back. This fundamental missing link in the music community today is something we aim to revive & nourish for future generations to appreciate & cultivate the level of adoration for music & musical instruments that only an environment rich in history, knowledge & community values can yield. So, come on down to Drugan’s Drums & Guitars where you’re always family! We’ll keep the tubes warm for you!