14" 1960's Zildjian K Istanbul Hand Hammered Hi-Hat Cymbals 796g / 970g - Inventory # 311

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You are viewing a gorgeous pair of 14" Zildjian K hi-hats.  These hats have the New Stamp, which dates them to 1967 - 77.  They exhibit magnificent hand hammering.  They are a great weight for use as an all-around pair of 14" K's, both for studio & live applications at 796 & 970 grams.  They sound amazing for jazz, but are also well suited for many other styles & have a well defined chick with no mush.  It won't get lost in the mix like some of the more delicate K's, but are definitely far from being on the heavy side.  They are in marvelous cosmetic condition with no bends or cracks.  The bell hole on the bottom is perfect & the bell hole on the top has just a faint hint of a keyhole.  Not all vintage K's sound great, these however, sound GREAT!  Enjoy!