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1953-56 Slingerland 7x14 Radio King Solid Shell Hollywood Ace Snare Drum Red Sparkle

1953-56 Slingerland 7x14 Radio King Solid Shell Hollywood Ace Snare Drum Red Sparkle

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For your viewing pleasure is this wonderful 7x14 Slingerland Radio King solid maple shell snare drum in Sparkling Red Pearl (red glass glitter) built in 1953-56.  With exception of the heads, it is 100% original including the wires and tension rods. The three point strainer works perfectly, as does the muffler.  There is a bit of staining on the inside of the maple shell which are only cosmetic in nature, possibly from glue used at the factory.  The black background of the red glitter wrap gives it a gorgeous ruby red glow.  The wrap is in good condition with normal signs of age including a few small freckles commonly seen on older sparkling pearl wraps of this age, and a light mark and small surface scuff here and there.  The seam is flat and tight.  The bearing edges are original and true.  As is common with these Radio Kings, some modern heads fit snug.  The brass hoops are in overall good shape, the bottom hoop has a slight cosmetic bend that does not affect the fit or tuning in any way.  This drum tunes up fantastically, and with the greatest of ease.  Tuned low for a tremendous fat back beat, or tune high for a gorgeous woody ringing crack, and anywhere in between.  It's tough to beat the classic magnificence that these old growth single ply Slingerland masterpieces embody. This drum would be a perfect addition to any collection or working professional's / recording studio's snare drum arsenal.  Enjoy!

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