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1967 Ludwig Club Date Drum Set Burgundy Sparkle 20/12/14

1967 Ludwig Club Date Drum Set Burgundy Sparkle 20/12/14

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For your kind consideration is this beautiful Ludwig Club Date outfit in scarcely seen Burgundy Sparkle. It is in wonderful overall condition. The set presents itself beautifully with just a few scuffs on the toms. White marks seen on the wrap in the pics are just reflections from the lights. The seams are nice and flat. The bass hoops are original and look good with some touch ups. There is a slight cosmetic bend in the bottom hoop of the floor tom, but it does not affect the tuning or sound in any way.  There are no extra holes or modifications, and the bearing edges are true and original. Long ago, the edge on the resonant side of the bass drum got a touch of paint on it from a custom painted bass drum head that had not yet fully dried.  It's only on the outermost edge where it made contact with the head, is not on the wrap or the inside of the shell, is not visible from the outside or inside of the drum at any time when the head is on, and does not affect the integrity of the drum in any way. The 14x20 bass drum, 8x12 tom, and 14x14 floor tom all have matching internal date stamps of JAN 30 1967. The keystone badges have serial #s 445XXX on the 20" and 12", and 496XXX on the 14".  Most importantly, this set tunes up wonderfully and is an absolute pleasure to play. Enjoy!  

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