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Amazing Rogers Pink Strata Drum Set 24"/13"/14"/18"

Amazing Rogers Pink Strata Drum Set 24"/13"/14"/18"

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*No longer available.

Sizes: 14"x24"/9"x13"/10"x14"/16"x18"

This is an incredibly rare drum set for three reasons:

1.) Pink Strata drums were made for a very short time, & were not produced in large numbers.

2.) 24" bass drums & 18" floor toms were both rare sizes during the Rogers Swivo-matic era.

3.) The gorgeous & unique pink strata wrap is known for splitting if left in extreme temperature conditions.  This outfit has no splits or cracks to the wrap on any of the drums, which is a testament to the fact that these have always been properly stored & cared for.

This early Fullerton era set is in wonderfully preserved condition with strong chrome & beautiful, brilliant wrap.  All of the drums show majestically & all of the wrap matches perfectly.  The original bearing edges are true, & there are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  All of the Swivo & Knobby parts are the high quality machined "pat. pending" parts, not the inferior cast pieces that came later on which were prone to stress cracks.  It goes without saying that this set tunes up like a champ, sounds like thunder of the gods, & has show-stoping looks.  We can safely say that this is probably one of the only sets on the planet with the combination of these sizes & finish.  Enjoy!



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