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Gretsch Tangerine Sparkle Round Badge Bop Set w/ Progressive Jazz Snare - Unbelievable!

Gretsch Tangerine Sparkle Round Badge Bop Set w/ Progressive Jazz Snare - Unbelievable!

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Fresh in on consignment!

Astoundingly beautiful & exceedingly rare original Gretsch round badge bop set in all original Tangerine Sparkle.  This mind-blowing outfit dates to 1966 & has NO extra holes, all of the drums have their silver sealer paint & paper tags adorning the interiors.  The bearing edges are true & original, as are all of the hoops & gleaming hardware.  When played, the drums recall the magic of your favorite 60's Blue Note records like no other.  To play them is exhilarating & to look at them - drool inducing & dream inspiring.  The original owner was likely a pro as these were outfitted with the most superior mounting hardware of the 60's - Roger Swivo-O-Matics!  It was a standard practice in the 60's for pros to have drums outfitted with the hardware of their choice at legendary pro shops such as Frank's in Chicago & Manny's in NY.  These drums have no extra holes as there were never any other type of mounts installed.  In our humble opinion, this blasts this outfit from top tier collectability to out-of-the-stratosphere collectability, rarity & ultimate playability.  Unlike a rail mount, you can quickly put the tom exactly where you need it, & with the swivo-mount on the other side, place your ride exactly where you need it in ultimate style.  And...since the two Rogers collet noses are installed symmetrically on the bass drum, it can be just as easily played righty or lefty - further making this the absolute ultimate house set for the serious recording studio or Jazz club.  The 14"x14" floor tom has a 1" split in the wrap at the seam (which can't be seen from the front when set up) & has been professionally glued down.  It comes complete with a gorgeous 4"x14" Progressive Jazz snare (which speaks amazingly well, considering many of the PJ snares tended to have a slightly boxy sound).  These are all original 6 ply Jasper shells.  You will most likely never see another original 1960's Tangerine Sparkle Gretsch Bop set with matching Progressive Jazz snare for sale.  Seize the day!

*Please call us with any questions or come check them out in person today!

Sizes: 14"x18" Bass / 8"x12" Tom / 14"x14" Floor Tom / 4"x14" Snare



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