RCI / Ludwig Amber Vistalite Bonham Drum Set 26/14/16/18/ w/ 6.5x14 Snare

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For your viewing pleasure is this gorgeous RCI Amber Vistalite drum set.  RCI is the company that currently supplies companies such as DW, C&C, and SJC with their Vistalite / acrylic shells.  This set is in great all-around condition.  The drums are relatively free from wear, but there are some light signs of use including three scuffs (all right next to each other) on the 16" floor tom, a few small nicks on the bass hoops, and a tiny mark on the bass drum near the top.  The set is extremely clean overall.  The lugs are the Ludwig classic style RCI embossed lugs.  They sound fantastic, and are able to effortlessly pull of that big Zep tone.  Enjoy!

*The 6 lug 14" tom is virgin, and is displayed on a snare stand which is not included.

Sizes: 14x26 / 10x14 / 16x16 / 18x18 / 6.5x14 snare with Trick strainer.