12" Vintage 1930s Zildjian A 1st Stamp Splash / Trap Cymbal 378g #355

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For your viewing pleasure is this rare, great sounding Avedis Zildjian 12" 1st stamp cymbal, dating from the 1929-40 period.  These thin early 12" A splashes were favorites of early great players such as Gene Krupa, and Buddy Rich.  It has a very low tone to it for its size, due to its profile and light weight.  Like many of these early smaller thin cymbals, it is abnormally shaped in that the edges have a wave to the profile, which was how they naturally came back then.  It is not bent, or warped from abuse in any way.  Those that are familiar with these know and appreciate this cool attribute.  It exhibits exquisite fine lathing and hammering, and is truly a beautiful and unique instrument.  Enjoy!

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