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13" K Zildjian Istanbul Old Stamp II 1945-49 Hi-Hat Cymbals 562/628g #1051

13" K Zildjian Istanbul Old Stamp II 1945-49 Hi-Hat Cymbals 562/628g #1051

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For your viewing and listening pleasure is one very magical pair of 13" K Zildjian Istanbul hi-hat cymbals.  These come from the estate of the original owner, and are in very well cared for condition.  Both cymbals retain their matching signatures.  The top weighs in at 562g and has the OS II a stamp used from 1945-49.  It still has its "Zildjian Made In Turkey" paper tag under the bell and is in beautiful condition with a smooth edge and zero flea bites.  The bottom weighs in at 628g and has the OS II b stamp used in 1949.  It too is in beautiful condition with just one shallow flea bite.  Both of these cymbals have a beautiful natural patina, and original small holes with zero key holing as well as zero cracks, bends, dings, or warping of any kind.  They both exhibit gorgeous text book old stamp lathing and hammering.  The top measures exactly 13", and the bottom measures 12 7/8".  This common practice of having an ever so slight size difference allows these hats to chick precisely with zero air lock as well as a maximum smoky chick, dark jazzy slosh, and musical articulation.  Both cymbals have an extremely pleasing note and depth of presence when played solo from each other.  They sound magnificent with either cymbal on top.  We've had the good fortune of having the opportunity to play a good number of magnificent 13" old stamp hi-hats, and these are easily and effortlessly among the very best of the best we've witnessed.  Enjoy! 

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