13" Paiste Formula 602 Pre Serial Number 1960s Hi-Hat Cymbals 708g/738g #362

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For your extreme viewing pleasure is this exceptional factory matched pair of Paiste Formula 602 Pre Serial number 1960s hi-hats. They are in wonderful condition, with no cracks, keyholes, bends, warping, or damage. The bottom cymbal still faintly retains the factory "13" ink stamp on the bottom of the bell, the top cymbal has "10" engraved in very small print by the previous owner.  These are a great light weight for jazz and many other styles that require the refined nuances and subtleties of thin medium-light 13" hats.  They sound like pure vintage 602 sonic bliss, see for yourself why these pre-serial # 602s are so coveted by pro drummers worldwide.  These would be right at home amongst the finest of recording studios or stages.  Enjoy!    

top: 708g

bottom: 738g