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13" Zildjian A 1929-40 First Stamp Splash Cymbal 470g #408

13" Zildjian A 1929-40 First Stamp Splash Cymbal 470g #408


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This is an excellent early Zildjian A splash cymbal from their first stamp (1929-40) era. Like many of the very best sounding thin splashes of this time, it is not perfectly round, but rather an extremely cool irregular potato chip shape.  This cymbal is in great shape with no cracks or key hole.  There are a couple of rough spots on the thin edges, but nothing that would be considered a flea bite.  We have had the pleasure of owning quite a few cymbals of this size/style/era, and this one is no exception.  It sounds amazing.  Fast and low for a splash this size, with a healthy dollop of oriental trash-talk.  These splashes were very much favored by top drummers such as Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich during the time of their production.  

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