14" 1950s Zildjian A Hi Hat Cymbals 722g / 742g - # 316

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These are an exceptional pair of Zildjian A hi-hats from the late 1950's, both in sound & condition.  The top hat is just ever so slightly smaller than the bottom, providing a perfect, low chick sound with no air-lock that perfectly sized hats can sometimes suffer from.  These are quite light for 14" A's with a 722 gram top & 742 gram bottom.  The weight & profile of these hats lends it self to jazz particularly well, exhibiting very K-like sonic qualities, but would also work great with many styles.  These appear to have been cleaned at some point quite a while back, & under close scrutiny, there are some fine polishing lines in the surface from a past owner getting a little overzealous with the polishing process.  They look great, with no cracks, or keyholes.  The top/lighter hat has great edges.  The bottom/heavier hat has a small area of the edge that is a little rough for about 2", but not bad at all for a rare light hat like this.  Many of the best light hi hats we've played have a small area that's been loved a little more than the rest, and something we consider par for the course on great sounding thin hats.  Enjoy!

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