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14" Craig Lauritsen Rustico Hand Hammered Artisan Hi-Hat Cymbals 767/871g

14" Craig Lauritsen Rustico Hand Hammered Artisan Hi-Hat Cymbals 767/871g


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Size: 14" Hi-Hat Pair 767g/871g

For your extreme viewing and listening pleasure is this extraordinarily luscious pair of 14" hand made, hand hammered Craig Lauritsen hi-hat cymbals from his "Rustico" line, Craig's homage to the late, great Roberto Spizzichino.  For those unfamiliar with Craig Lauritsen, he is an Australian master cymbal smith and musician (  On Craig's path to becoming one of the finest cymbal makers on the planet, he visited Roberto Spizzichino and studied his work.  After Roberto Spizzichino sadly passed in 2011, Craig got in touch with the only person in the U.S. that represented the legendary Spizzichino cymbal line, Lee Ruff.  Craig and Lee began exchanging ideas and information in 2012, and Lee agreed to represent Craig's cymbals in the U.S. after being sent a very special set of Rustico cymbals in very light jazz weights per his specifications.  Lee has some of the best ears on the planet when it comes to listening to fine hand made cymbals, and has undoubtedly owned and played more Spizzichino and vintage K cymbals than just about anyone on the planet.  With Lee's prestigious reputation and history of dealing some of the finest cymbals the world has ever seen or heard for decades, he had a sea of options to fill the deep void left by Roberto's passing.  For him to decide exclusively on Craig Lauritsen cymbals as his cymbals of choice for representation is about the finest accolade an artisan cymbal maker could receive, and it speaks mountains of Craig's ability to truly nail the Spizzichino sound, feel, and mystique.

These are two of the six very special cymbals sent to Lee in 2012, which we acquired directly from him.  These weigh in at a perfect medium-light weight combo (767/871g) for use in a wide variety of creative musical atmospheres, and they exceed like no others with jazz or anything where very nuanced expressive playing is required.  They are by far some of the best sounding 14" hats we have ever seen or played, (and we have owned and played quite a few pairs of 14" old Ks and have had the opportunity to play several pairs of 14" Spizzichino hats).  Per Lee's request, the bottom side of the top hats bell received special hammering attention from Craig, and both cymbals received his proprietary two part brushing technique, which creates a slightly harder surface.  We've found that this gives an incredibly bouncy stick response, along with a very defined stick click, while allowing just the right amount of old, smokey, shimmery, K trash-talk to seep out.   They have an extremely low fundamental for 14" hats, and are a true joy to play.

Currently, the only way to obtain new Craig Lauritsen cymbals are to custom order them directly from Craig in Australia, and there is a minimum 12 month waiting period.  After your cymbal is done, you would then be contending with shipping and import taxes and fees.   

We challenge any seasoned Spizzichino or old stamp K players to a blind listening test between any of the six cymbals in this CL Rustico collection made specially for Lee Ruff, and similar Spizzichino / Old Ks.  The six CLs in the collection of which this is a part of are all complex and mysterious in just the right ways, they all have just the right amount of stick definition and wash, and they blend seamlessly with each other when used together.  Beyond that, we'll let the sound samples do the talking.  Enjoy!              

Size: 14" 767g / 871g 

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