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14" K Zildjian Istanbul Hi-Hat Cymbals New Stamp 790/798g #472

14" K Zildjian Istanbul Hi-Hat Cymbals New Stamp 790/798g #472

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Beautiful hand hammered 1960s Zildjian Istanbul K Hi-Hat pair made in Turkey.  These Hi-Hat cymbals weigh in at a magnificent 790 and 798g, which make them perfect for jazz.  There are no flea bites, bends, warping, or keyholes, and they have a very attractive patina.  Because these vintage Turkish K cymbals were made with smaller holes than todays standard size holes, it is common to have  them slightly enlarged so that they can be played with any modern day hi-hat stand/clutch set up, which was done on these. (the hole in the 790g hat is ever so slightly larger than the 798g hat).  Unlike some vintage K cymbals, these measure a true exact 14".  The 798g hat used to have one small crack at the bell hole, but it was professionally repaired by Jake of "Cymbal Repairs by Jake", who uses a very expensive German fusion welding machine that welds with a laser and argon gas, which melts either sides of the crack back into each other, with absolutely no soldering compound, which essentially makes the cymbal good as new.  They have been played for a couple years since the repair now, and it is still as solid as the day it was repaired.  They sound wonderful and would be a magnificent choice for someone looking for the nuanced magic and dynamics of real hand hammered vintage Turkish Ks for less than they normally sell for.

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