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14" Zildjian A 1930s First Stamp Hi-Hat Cymbals 560g/722g# 410

14" Zildjian A 1930s First Stamp Hi-Hat Cymbals 560g/722g# 410

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For your viewing and listening pleasure is this exquisite pair of vintage 1929-40 Zildjian A First Stamp 14" hi hats, which happen to weigh in at an incredible light weight.  Unlike many of the early A first stamp cymbals, these both measure a true 14".   They have very K like qualities and exhibit gorgeous hammering.  The top, which still has a visible hand signature on the bottom side of the bell, has nice edges with no fleabites, but as is the case with just about any well played cymbal of this size, age, and weight, there is a small edge bend, and a dip from where the cymbal was played most.  But since the cymbal is thin, when just a little foot pressure is applied on the hi hat stand, the hats close perfectly together with zero gap.  The bottom hat has one small flea bite.  They are in incredible condition for hats of this age and thinness with no cracks.  Most importantly, they sound amazing!  These are historical, incredible hats from the early days of Avedis Zildjian Cymbals, when a lot more of the manufacturing process was done by hand than during any other era of Avedis cymbals.  Enjoy! 

Top: 560g  

Bottom: 722g

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