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14" K Zildjian Istanbul Old Stamp III 1950's Hi Hat Pair 672g/830g #517

14" K Zildjian Istanbul Old Stamp III 1950's Hi Hat Pair 672g/830g #517

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For your supreme listening and viewing pleasure is this magnificent pair of early 1950s K Zildjian Istanbul hand hammered Turkish Old Stamp III factory matched hi-hats in gorgeous condition.  They are perfect medium-light weights for jazz, or any other extremely nuanced small ensemble or studio performances where a  unique dynamic range is called for.  Both hats still retain the remains of where the original K Zildjian paper tags once were.  There are no cracks, no bends, and no warping.  There is a tiny area of the edge of the top hat that is slightly rough, and one small tiny hint of a flea bite.  The holes are perfect original small holes with no key-holing and absolutely no cracks.  These beauties have acquired one of the most attractive, well earned patinas we've ever seen over the years, which has subtly quelled any unpleasant overtones there may have been into a luscious sonic perfection.  Like many of these old hand made Ks, they did not match hats with exact sizes, which affectively prevents air-lock when going for a clean crisp chick.  The top hat measures exactly 14", and the bottom hat is a hair over 14".  Not all K's were created equal, and these are a pair that we absolutely categorize as Holy Grail K hats, and we do not use that term lightly.  They are an extremely musical matched pair that sound great with either hat on top.  Due in no small part to the carefully selected weight ratios, they have a very distinctive chick.  These are ready for the finest of collections, studios, or stages.  Enjoy!

Top: 672g
Bottom: 830g

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