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14" Early 1950s Zildjian A Trans Stamp Hi Hat Cymbal Pair 728/732g #519

14" Early 1950s Zildjian A Trans Stamp Hi Hat Cymbal Pair 728/732g #519

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For your supreme listening and viewing pleasure are simply one of thee very finest pair of 14" Zildjian A Trans Stamp factory matched Hi-Hat cymbals to have ever graced our presence.  To put it simply, they are perfect in every way.  There are no keyholes, no flea bites, no cracks, and no bending.  The edges are smooth and perfect.  They have not been cleaned, and have a gorgeous and light natural patina.  These came from the original owner, along with a 1950s Gretsch set.  It was very apparent that the drums and these cymbals had been played very seldom, and very lightly when they were played.  They spent the majority of their life in cases, and were never gigged.  These time capsules need to be enjoyed by someone who can appreciate them for what they are - amazing musical instruments made during the golden era of American cymbal making, that have survived in rarely seen condition.  The medium-light weights make them ideal for many styles of playing where the unique sonic thumb print of vintage hammered hats can shine through and express a sound that is both universally pleasing to the ear, yet uniquely and unmistakably you.  They sound amazing and unique with either cymbal on top, and it's inspiring to experiment and enjoy the  unique sound of them both ways.  

Weight: 728g / 732g

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