14" Zildjian A early '50s Trans Stamp Hi Hat Cymbal Pair 618/692g #497

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For your viewing and listening pleasure is this truly superb sounding pair of 14" Zildjian A trans stamp hi-hats from the late '40s / early '50s in great light weights.  The top hat measures 14&1/8", and weighs in at 618g.  It is in great shape with no cracks, flea bites, or keyhole.  The bottom hat measures 14&2/8", weighs in at 692g, and is in great shape with no cracks, flea bites, or keyhole. Due to the extreme thin edges of hats this weight, there is a little waviness to the edge here and there on the bottom, and one mild dip in the top, but since the bottom side is 1/8" larger than the top, it does not affect the chick in any way, which also prevents airlock when chicking / keeping time.  If you are familiar with thin, hammered vintage cymbals, you understand the inherent nature of these cymbals.  These are a factory matched pair of hats, and upon close examination, one can see where they were both identically stamped "HI HAT" with black ink on the top side, below the Trans Stamps.  Most importantly, these are an amazing sounding pair of light weight Zildjian A hats from their golden period of manufacturing, and you just can't buy new cymbals that sound and play like these do.  If you are seeking extremely musical, smokey, K-like cymbals, but are looking to spend less, these are as cool as they get.  Enjoy! 

Top: 618g  

Bottom: 692g

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