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15" Paiste Giant Beat Hi-Hat Cymbals 948/1270g

15" Paiste Giant Beat Hi-Hat Cymbals 948/1270g

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For your viewing pleasure is this wonderful pair of factory matched 15" Paiste Giant Beat hi-hat cymbals in excellent used condition.  They weigh in at 948/1270g, which are great classic weights for 15" Giant Beats, not on the heavier side like some of the Giant Beats we've seen, which can tend to be a bit brittle/harsh sounding.  There are no cracks or keyholes.  The clutch hole of the top (lighter) hat is ever so slight bend just around the hole.  The hole is still perfectly round.  This is cosmetic in nature, and does not affect the sound, balance, or integrity in any way.   These are among the better sounding 15" Giant Beat hi-hats we've encountered.  Enjoy! 

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