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18" Vintage Zildjian MEDIUM Trans Stamp Early 1950s Crash/Ride Cymbal 1534g #492

18" Vintage Zildjian MEDIUM Trans Stamp Early 1950s Crash/Ride Cymbal 1534g #492


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For your supreme viewing pleasure is this killer 18" Zildjian Trans Stamp crash/ride cymbal from the very early 50s.  Under very close inspection with a flash light, at just the right angle, you can see where it was black ink stamped "MEDIUM" under the Zildjian trans stamp.  This cymbal exhibits one of the most beautiful patinas we have seen.  The bottom has an oil-on-water iridescent patina that looks like a rainbow trout fresh out of the water, amazing!  It weighs in at 1534g, which puts it in the holy-grail weight for 18" crash/rides.  The edges are in extremely clean condition with no flea bites, or cracks.  There are some slight waves to the edge, but they are from the factory hammering process, and not from abuse.  This cymbal displays text book trans stamp lathing and heavy hammering, and definitely exhibits very vintage Istanbul K-like qualities at a fraction of the price.  This cymbal has two completely different bell notes depending on which side of the bell you are playing on (check out the beginning of the sound sample video to hear this featured).  The hole is perfect with no key hole or cracks.  This cymbal is in excellent condition, regardless of its 65+ years.  If you've been looking for the ultimate 18" Trans Stamp crash/ride, this could very well be it.  Enjoy!

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