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Leedy Broadway Parallel 1937 Solid Shell Gold Sparkle 8"x14" - Single Ply - Stunning!

Leedy Broadway Parallel 1937 Solid Shell Gold Sparkle 8"x14" - Single Ply - Stunning!

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Stunning steam bent solid shell single ply 1937 Leedy Broadway Parallel snare drum in majestic gold sparkle (gold glass glitter).  This drum is completely original with exception of modern heads.  It even comes with the original leather handled case.  A true time capsule piece in rare and authoritative 8"x14" size.  Tunes up like a champ and is a true joy to play.  Enjoy!

*Please keep in mind that snares with original cases like this one require them being shipped in a slightly larger box, and hence have a slightly higher shipping charge than snares shipping without cases.  

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