1939 Ludwig & Ludwig Swing Session Duco 28/11/6.5x14 Sn Time Capsule!

1939 Ludwig & Ludwig Swing Session Duco 28/11/6.5x14 Sn Time Capsule!


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For your supreme viewing pleasure is this exemplary 1939 time capsule Ludwig & Ludwig Swing Sensation outfit in one of the cleanest and most stunning Duco finishes we have laid eyes on.  This comes from a family member of the original owner who was a pro drummer in Chicago.  These have been meticulously taken care of since the day they were purchased, and always case kept.  The 3 brown canvas cases are stenciled with "Ludwig", have been with the set since new, and are included with the sale.  This set is beyond a doubt the cleanest pre-war drum set that has ever entered our shop, and it is a sight to behold.  All three drums have the original heads and are completely original.  The wiring for the original bass drum lamps became dry rotted, and was replaced with era correct cloth wrapped cord using the original plugs on both sides.  The lightbulbs inside may even be original, as they appear to be quite old.  The hand painted head is beyond stunning, and the bass drum lights up and looks absolutely stunning, especially when lit in a dim room.  They tune up great and sound marvelous.  The 6.5x14 Super Ludwig snare drum is amazing, everything functions perfectly on it.  These would look outstanding in almost any room of the house and would surely be the centerpiece of any collection. 

*Due to the size of the bass drum, and the internal wiring and painted calf head, the bass drum will be shipped in a separate box.  Due to the size of the bass drum and the set shipping in separate boxes, the shipping cost will need to be determined on a case by case basis, and will need to be paid in addition to the cost of the set.  Please contact us with your shipping address if you need a quote prior to purchaing.  

Size: 14x28 / 7x11 / 6.5x14 Super L&L Snare

Additionally, this set came to us with all of the following original pieces, which are all in extremely good condition:

*Ludwig Speed Pedal bass drum pedal w/ cymbal klanger.

*Ludwig No. 943 Hi-Sock (Hi-Hat Pedal) in rare chrome option.

*Ludwig No. 331K Profesional Snare Stand in rare chrome option. 

*Ludwig No 465K combanation wood block and cowbell holder in rare chrome option.

*4" and 3.5" cow bells.

*Wood block



We would love to keep all of this together with the set since it has made it 81 years thus far without being separated.  But since we understand there are some collectors that may prefer to not be bound to the additional cost and shipping expenses that would be incurred to include these with the drums, they will be offered to the new owner as an additional option for $XXX + actual shipping cost.

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