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1952 Gretsch 14"x22" Round Badge "Name Band" 3 Ply Bass Drum

1952 Gretsch 14"x22" Round Badge "Name Band" 3 Ply Bass Drum

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For you viewing pleasure is this Gretsch Round Badge bass drum in great condition. The shell is a 3 ply jasper shell in fantastic condition with no extra holes. The bearing edges are original and in perfect condition. It has been rewrapped, but the wrap is not glued down, it is just bing held on by the hardware. If you removed the hardware, the wrap would very easily peel right off if you were interested in rewrapping it. All of the parts (accept for the hoops) are original and nice. The replacement hoops are unfinished, and could easily be primed and sprayed black with no sanding or prep work. It is date stamped 1952 inside the shell. You will notice in the pics that the diamond cymbal bracket mount is where the badge usually is seen, and that the badge is located in the panel next to that. For those that do not know, this is factory correct and something that Gretsch did during that time when Diamond mount cymbal brackets were located there. Ludwig and WFL also used this configuration when necessary on certain models during this era. Again, aside from the re-wrap and replacement hoops, this drum is completely original with no extra holes.  Unlike some vintage Gretsch drums, Remo heads fit well.  Most importantly, it sounds great! Enjoy!

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