1954 Gretsch BroadKaster "Name Band" White Marine Pearl Drum Set w/ 6.5x14 Gladstone Snare Drum *Time Capsule*

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Sizes: 14x22 / 9x13 / 16x16 / 6.5x14 snare

For your extreme viewing pleasure is this extraordinary time capsule Gretsch BroadKaster Name Band Outfit with matching Gretsch Gladstone 2-Way snare drum in majestic white marine pearl.  This set is in closet classic collectors condition, and aside from the replacement Remo heads (which fit perfectly), is completely original down to the tension rods, washers, and Gretsch snare wires.  The original owner's father (who's name will be provided to the new lucky owner for provenance purposes), went to their local music store in 1954 and requested the finest drum set money could buy.  This prompted the salesman to recommend a Gretsch set with the absolute top of the line special order of a Gretsch Gladstone snare to accompany the outfit, a model that had not appeared in a Gretsch Catalog since 1949 and could only be special ordered at this time.  During this period, the highly influential and experimental Louie Bellson was a Gretsch artist, and he was experimenting with all different sizes and configurations that were new to the drumming world.  He was inspiring drummers to think outside of the box and try new things.  Noting this trend, it was suggested that the set be ordered with matching rail mounts on each side, providing the ability to add a second bass mounted tom in the future, as well as allow for the set to be used as either a righty or a lefty with the greatest of ease (which also makes it the ultimate for recording studios or a house kit for a club).  Both rails were factory installed in exact symmetrical positions with exact same internal hardware, and arrived at the store it was ordered from exactly how you see it.  Nothing has ever been added or removed from this set, and there are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  Aside from an ever so slight cosmetic bend to the bottom 13" stick-chopper hoop, which does not affect the roundness of the hoop or tuning in any way, their are no cosmetic flaws to speak of.  It is truly an amazing, no excuses, investment grade, closet classic, collectors dream that would easily be at home amongst the finest of collections, studios, or stages.  Enjoy!   

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