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Ludwig 1968 Hollywood Drum Set - Red Sparkle

Ludwig 1968 Hollywood Drum Set - Red Sparkle

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For your viewing pleasure is this fabulous 1968 Ludwig Hollywood outfit in drop-dead gorgeous red sparkle.  It is completely 100% original with exception of the bottom tom heads.  The top tom heads are gorgeous original Ludwig heads, as are the front and back bass drum heads.  All of the tension rods, washers, T's, & claws are even original.  There are no extra holes or modifications of any kind.  This set has been very well cared for and is in excellent condition.  There is some light wear on the top of the bass drum where the bottom toms rubbed a little bit, but it is not noticeable when set up.  The bearing edges are true and original, but there is one tiny bump on the resonant side of the bass drum, which does not affect the tuning or sound in the least bit.  These drums tune up perfectly in a range of tunings, and sounds simply wonderful.  See for yourself why these vintage 3 ply clear maple interior drums are so coveted by players and recording studios world-wide!  These would easily be at home among the nicest of collections, studios or stages.     


14x22 / 8x12 / 9x13 / 16x16 

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