1968 Ludwig Keystone Gold Sparkle Hollywood Set - 22/12/13/16

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*No longer available*

Gold Sparkle Hollywood set in 3 ply maple - clear interiors.  This set is all original with no extra holes.  The original wrap is vibrant & looks amazing.  Keystone badge Ludwig sets with clear maple interiors were only made for a few months before they switched to the Blue & Olive badge.  Many favor this sweet combination for the killer 60's asthetics combined with the great sound of the clear maple 3 ply shells.  There is a moisture mark visible at the bottom interior of the bass drum, but the drum is in round, stable & looks great on the outside of shell.  They sound absolutely amazing!  These babies brighten up the room like a beam of sun & instantly puts us in a great mood whenever gazed upon!  Awesome!

Sizes: 14"x22" Bass / 8"x12" Tom / 9"x13" Tom / 16"x16" Floor Tom