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1970's Ludwig Tequila Sunrise Vistalite Rock Machine 24/13/14/18 Drum Set

1970's Ludwig Tequila Sunrise Vistalite Rock Machine 24/13/14/18 Drum Set


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For your viewing pleasure is this gorgeous vintage 1970's Ludwig Vistalite Model# 1004 "Rock Machine" outfit (24/13/14/18) with Pattern A Three Band Rainbow in red/orange/yellow, known as "Tequila Sunrise" by Ludwig enthusiasts.  This set is an all original born-together set with clean pointy blue and olive badges.  The three toms all have very close #'s with 1353XXX, and the bass drum is 1503XXX.  There is a some normal handling wear and a few scuffs and scratches here and there, but they are in very well cared for condition for there size, and present themselves wonderfully.  They look amazing under the lights.  All of the seams are secure with no separation or cracks.  There is one very small fracture between the lug screw holes of one lug on the bottom side of the 18" floor tom (a fracture is not a crack, because it does not go all the way through the shell, you can only feel it on one side, not the other).  And because it is between the two lug holes, it will not get any larger, and cannot be seen because the lug completely covers it.  It is cosmetic in nature and does not affect the integrity of the shell.  There are no extra holes or modifications on this all original outfit.  They tune up perfectly, and sounds amazing.  Huge, thunderous, and authoritative!  Why blend in with the drumming crowd when you can express yourself?  Enjoy!

Sizes: 14x24 / 9x13 / 10x14 / 16x18

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