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1973 Gibson SG Special Walnut Dual Humbuckers Excellent Condition OHSC

1973 Gibson SG Special Walnut Dual Humbuckers Excellent Condition OHSC

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For your supreme viewing pleasure is this very low mileage 1973 Gibson SG Special in walnut with original mini humbuckers.  Aside from a brand new set of nickel plated .10 strings, this guitar is 100% original down to the screws and solder.  This is a no excuses investment grade guitar that was just set up in our shop.  This is a very nice unfaded example of Gibson's walnut finish, not a cherry finished guitar that has faded to brown.  Actual walnut finshes can fade to a lighter shade, this has a rich and unfaded finish throughout.  The neck is arrow straight and it plays wonderfully with low action.  There is very little wear on the frets, with no uneven spots.  The back of the neck has no dings and is perfect.  There is no wear to the beautiful dark rosewood fingerboard.  It is apparent that this guitar did not receive a lot of play time.  As can be seen in the pics, there is a nick on the front near the top above the bevel and on the back side bottom edge (beneath the control cavity plate), along with some light honest crazing one would expect to see on a guitar of this age.  Gibson started their serial #'s over again in 1970, and this guitar has a very low one: 175XXX.  The pots are all original with matching 1973 date codes, and all of the solder joints are original including the ones on the humbuckers.  All of the electronics have been cleaned and there is no noise while plugged in.  The top of the head stock edges are very clean, which is not commonly seen.  The original tail piece is the desirable lightweight aluminum part just like the ones used in the 1960's.  Unlike the grand majority of the 1973 and later Gibsons of this era, it does not have the "harmonica" bridge, it still has the beautiful original nickel Tune-O-Matic bridge.  The original nickel Gibson Deluxe tuners are in great shape and turn smoothly, they have a patina that makes them look a little goldish in color, but can polish up to a beautiful nickel shine if that is what you desire.  We left this option up to the new owners as some prefer to leave the natural patina.  This guitar weighs in at a really nice light weight of 6 lbs 7.5 oz and is extremely comfortable when strapped on.  There are no body or neck cracks of any kind, nor have there ever been any repairs (and of coarse this also means no extra holes of any kind).  The mini humbuckers sound particularly good, very rich and full compared to some of the others we've played.  The original hard shell case is very clean with all original and functioning hardware and no missing parts.  The plush pink lining is very clean and has no bad odors.  There are some tiny pin-point paint speckles on one side of the case, but it is overall one of the cleanest examples of this case we've seen.  Please note there are circular reflections from the ceiling lights in in a few of the pics.  If you've been looking for this guitar, you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer example with the appointments, great sound, or playability of this specimen.  Enjoy!  

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