20" 1960's Paiste Seven Sound Set #7 Pre Serial 602 Ride Cymbal 2296g # 35

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Beautiful & very rare 20" pre-serial # 7 in the special "Seven Sound Set" Paiste 602 in very well preserved, lightly played condition.  This is the quintessential 60's B20 ride sound in a perfect light/medium-ligt weight of 2296g.  The original "Seven Sound Set" ink was polished off at some point, but was originally purchased with a #4 Seven Sound Set cymbal, which we also own, that does still have a faint stamp.  The original owner distinctly remembered, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is a true #7  Seven Sound Set, & that it had the ink when he purchased it, along with the #4 mentioned earlier.  It also has all of the characteristics of the #7, & certainly sounds different than other 20" Pre-Serial 602's that we have.   The original owner whom we acquired these from neatly engraved "4-72" in the bottom of the bell.  Other than that, there are no cracks, bends, dents or flea bites in this beautiful cymbal.  Enjoy!