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22" 1950's Zildjian Large Block Stamp Ride Cymbal 2678g #153

22" 1950's Zildjian Large Block Stamp Ride Cymbal 2678g #153

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This is a great block letter large stamp cymbal from the mid 1950’s.  This 22″ ride cymbal exhibits very K-like lathing on the top & the top portion of the bell has a flat profile which is very characteristic of the era.  If you’re after a vintage 22″ K sound but on a vintage A budget, this would be a cymbal to heavily consider.  It has a beautiful profile to it & has beautiful hammering on the bottom side.  It has a great stick & bell sound.  It crashes with the best of them & has a perfect medium weight of 2678 grams.  This is a dark sounding cymbal with a nice low pitched fundamental, musical bell, & great wobble.  There is a slight key hole, & there is an area on the edge that has a small flat spot where it appears as though a flea bite was professionally buffed out.  It was very well done & looks good.  There are no cracks or bends.  This cymbal plays very soft with a warm & mellow tone but can give you the volume you need when you lay into it.

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