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1960s Rogers 14"x24" Holiday Dayton Bass Drum - Blue Onyx

1960s Rogers 14"x24" Holiday Dayton Bass Drum - Blue Onyx

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For your viewing pleasure is this rare 1960s Rogers 14"X24" bass drum in original Blue Onyx.  The wrap is in outstanding well cared for condition, with only one very thin surface scratch on the bottom of the drum (below the right seam if looking at drum from the front).  The seams are flat and tight, and there is no tom rash, scrapes, scuffs, or splits.  The ultra attractive blue onyx finish is wonderfully vibrant and presents itself extremely well.  It has the original and hard to find 13.5" long bass drum spurs (spurs from 22" Rogers and smaller will not work on the larger bass drums), which are held tight by the original machined patent pending Swivo collets.  The spurs have some rust on them.  The T's and claws are all original, they have a little rust, but mostly on the threading.  As many Rogers enthusiasts know, they did not always use the correct internal paper tags when completing these at the factory.  If they ran out of the correct paper tags on the assembly line, they would simply use a tag from a different model drum.  They would usually, but not always, manually cross off the incorrect model name and hand write in the correct model name.  In this case, they used a Powertone snare tag, but did not cross the model out and write the correct model in, which would have been "Holiday", since this is indeed a Holiday model bass drum from the 1967-69 era.  This should NOT be confused with the Fullerton paper tags that said "Powertone" in them, because during that era in the 1970s, they changed the designation of Powertone from a snare drum model to their professional drum set model name.  Those particular tags say Fullerton on them, and were made in the '70s, and again, this is a '60s Dayton era drum.  This drum was originally from a double bass set, and originally had a 1960s knobby bracket which held a cymbal L arm.  It was later modified in the 70s with a Rogers Big R center post, which used one of the pre-exisiting knobby bracket holes, and required one additional hole for the Big R bracket screw, and one additional hole for the center post (total of two extra holes).  The original hoops are in really great condition, and the original inlays are beautiful.  Most importantly, it tunes up like a champ and sounds incredible.  If you've never played a 24" '60s Rogers bass drum, you are in for a supreme treat.  They have a huge and deep, yet extremely articulate punch.  Very addicting!  Enjoy!

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