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24" 1960s Zildjian A Ride Cymbal 3248g #461

24" 1960s Zildjian A Ride Cymbal 3248g #461


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This beautiful vintage early '60s 24" Zildjian A ride cymbal sounds amazing - dark and ominous with thin edges.  It has a woody stick click and sounds amazing, the wash is gorgeous and very controllable for a 24".  The bell is extremely musical, and it crashes wonderfully with no strange overtones.  It has been well cared for and is in very good condition.  There is a slight keyhole, but the edges are nice with no flea bites, and there are no cracks.  It weighs in at an extremely useable 3248g, which puts it in the medium-light range for a 24".  Really great sounding vintage 24" cymbals don't pop up all that often.

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