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Amazing 1962 Rogers Mardi Gras No.1866 Starlite Outfit Extremely Clean 20/12/16/5x14 Sn

Amazing 1962 Rogers Mardi Gras No.1866 Starlite Outfit Extremely Clean 20/12/16/5x14 Sn

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This clean collectors dream set makes it feel like there's a party going on in any room lucky enough to be graced with its presence.  This is fresh in on consignment for a friend & pro drummer (who has impeccable taste in vintage drums we might add).  A 1962 stunner in Mardi Gras is truly a top tier holy grail outfit for the Rogers enthusiast.  This set is extra special due to its manufacturing date & hence production process.  Mardi Gras was only cataloged from 1958-1962, which makes this set among the last built.  What makes this extra special is that Rogers was just entering into their golden era of production at this time which meant they were switching from 3 ply Jasper shells with flat bearing edges designed for calf skin heads to thin, 3 ply Keller shells with 45 degree edges with very slight round over edge constructed from old growth rock maple.  These thin 3 ply old growth maple shells are revered by many as the best sounding shells Rogers ever used due to the wide tuning range the 45 degree edges offered along with the fact that the amazingly resonant old growth wood used in their manufacturing will never be available again.  All of the drums in this outfit with exception of the floor tom have 3 ply Keller shells with sharp bearing edges including the Holiday Snare.


Let's talk condition & originality.  These are amazingly clean drums & display majestically.  With the exception of a few light surface scratches towards the back of the floor tom, the wrap is near perfect on all 4 drums.  The chrome is deep, beautiful & very clean.  The original high collar "tall-boy" hoops give the drums a look of importance & elegance & the simplicity of the original square top tension rods really sets them off.  All of the machined collets & collet noses, along with the original knobby mounts, disappearing cymbal arm, bow-tie T's & claws, tone controls, spurs & Swivo arms (including the near-impossible to find No. 38DR "All-Purpose Holder" for mounting/floating the snare off of the bass drum) are amazingly clean & original with original clean set screws.  The Holiday snare is beautiful & adorned with a perfect clock face throw-off, butt plate & original Rogers snare wires.  All of the drums have beautifully true & original bearing edges, clean & untouched interiors with perfect original gray paint, perfect Cleveland paper tags, untouched badge nails & all correct & original internal hardware.  The hoops have original silver glass glitter inlay as all Mardi Gras sets did.  As with grand majority of Rogers drums equipped with the Bread & Butter style lugs, some of the lugs have the typical hair-line cracks (most of which you can only tell by running your finger nail over the edge & cannot be seen).  The lugs on the floor tom are completely free of cracks & all drums are playable & tune up great.


Rogers Mardi Gras drums rarely come onto the market as they are coveted by their owners.  Even less seldom do they appear in an all original Starlite outfit with floating Snare drum, all correct cataloged sizes with all correct & original parts.  Add to the mix that these are extremely clean & constructed of 3 ply 45 degree bearing edged Keller shells (with exception of 3 ply Jasper floor tom) from the end of Mardi Gras production & you have an extra rare & desirable doozy of a centerpiece to adorn your collection or heck, living room!  Please call us for with any questions or come check them out in our showroom today!

Sizes: 14"x20" Bass Drum / 8"x12" Tom / 16"x16" Floor Tom / 5"x14" Holiday Snare


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