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1960s Camco Aristocrat Oaklawn Charcoal Moire Drum Set 22/12/16

1960s Camco Aristocrat Oaklawn Charcoal Moire Drum Set 22/12/16

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For your extreme viewing pleasure is this excellent 1960s Camco Oaklawn drum set, finished in stunning and rarely seen Charcoal Moire. If you are a Camco and George Way enthusiast, you know the grand majority of the George Way and early Camco sets with 22" bass drums were factory matched with 12" toms rather than the typically seen 13" toms used by most other companies.  Since Camcos are known for their extreme tuning range, the 12's can be tuned ultra high, or quite low, so we've always greatly enjoyed Oaklawn sets with this size configuration.  Further testament that Camco not only knew, but touted how extreme the tuning range was on their drums, was their "Modernaire" outfit, their only outfit catalogued with a 22" bass drum during the Oaklawn period.  It was catalogued with two 8x12 toms (rather than the commonly seen 12 & 13 setup) and a 16" floor tom.  

This beauty has no holes or modifications.  The hoops are all the coveted chrome over brass hoops.  The 16" foor tom has 1st generation rolled over chrome over brass hoops, and the 12" tom has the 2nd generation chrome over brass hoops.  The wrap shows the common mild wear from aging and handling seen on moire/satin flame wraps, but is in overall great shape with no splits, and is particularly attractive.  All of the chrome parts are in beautiful shape.  Both worm-drive mufflers are present and look great.  Most importantly, it tunes up and sounds incredibly amazing and sonorous in all tuning ranges.  They are just an absolute delight to play!  Enjoy!

Sizes: 14x22 / 8x12 / 16x16

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