Canopus Ash Series - Natural Grain Ash Oil - New Lower Price!

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Sizes: 15"x20"BD/8"x12"TT/14"x14" FT

This is a top shelf drum set from the great folks at Canopus Drums.  Boy do these guys know how to build an incredible set of quality drums!  This set is exemplary of their work in every way and it goes without saying that they're a beauty to behold.  Enough about how drop-dead gorgeous they are & on to the sound; rich & meaty like a New York strip steak & punchy like Mike Tyson after getting his tiger stolen.  They have a deep, dry fundamental with great attack & cut.  They have the ability to seamlessly blend into an ensemble but can cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter when called upon.

*Features a stunning natural grain ash oil that one could just stare at for hours, virgin bass drum (we will happily install a Canopus bass drum plate or Canopus vintage style rail mount for you should you choose), 2.3mm steel Power Rims, low-mass chrome lugs & Canopus suspension tom tom mount.

From the Canopus site:


The dry, Seasoned sound of an aged instrument

White Ash was the material widely used to make Fender guitars until the mid 50s.  Strong attack & quick response are the primary characteristics of this material.  Since ash wood is relatively rigid & challenging to process, its use for musical instruments has gradually decreased over time.

On the other hand, it shows some favorable characteristics - displaying a well balanced nature, both in resiliency and hardness.  Of all woods, ash has the best strength to weight ratio - making it the wood of choice for baseball bats.  Its wonderful bending properties make it popular for fine woodworking and furniture making.  These qualities combine to make it an ideal material for strong, light, resonant drums. 

We have combined the ash material with poplar &, using Canopus' original processing technique for the bearing edges, this enabled us to create a drum sound with a "seasoned taste" to it.

Now, you can enjoy a vintage-like sound which is both dry and resilient.  It displays a full low frequency response, short sustain and clear projection. Playing these drums will give you a comfortable feeling of familiarity - like the sound and feel of an instrument you have known for many years.

Furthermore, the natural beauty of the ash wood grain, when colored, is particularly attractive.

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