Canopus Back Beat Snare Wires For 14" - Chrome Model# CPSS-BB14NP-EX - New Lower Price!

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Back Beat Snare Wire


From the Canopus Site:


Delivers a Solid Backbeat With Bold Attack
Great Projection for The Perfect Mix

Snare wires which enhance even the subtlest of nuances in the midst of very loud backbeats!  By adopting spiral wires with an abundance of coils coupled with 1mm end-plates, we have achieved a good balance between volume that is aggressive enough for a powerful backbeat and precise enough for swift response for delicate phrasing.  Wih this one snare wire, you can hava an aggressive, loud snare sound and maintain sensitivity.


CPSS-BB14NP(Chrome plated)
These snare wires have both a loud attack and bright sound.  They have an enormous effect on metal-shell snare drums. They will improve the potential of a loud snare tremendously.

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