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Canopus Hybrid Heavy-Duty Light Weight Cymbal Stand - New Lower Price

Canopus Hybrid Heavy-Duty Light Weight Cymbal Stand - New Lower Price

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These are incredible hybrid stands with elegant looks & wonderful functionality.  We couldn't believe how light these were when we first received them.  We quickly discovered that were also incredibly strong & heavy duty.  These will most definitely stand up to the abuse of even the heaviest hitting drummer.  There is no finer product for the gigging drummer looking for the perfect marriage of portability & quality.

Only 6.8 lbs! (3.1 kg)

From the Canopus Site:

Hybrid Cymbal Stand

"Heavy-duty = Lightweight" A new equation

"Heavy-duty = Lightweight"; a new equation when it comes to transporting and setting up.  Normally, the weight of hardware can be a real headache.  As an answer to this problem, Canopus has introduced a light-weight hardware series which has inherited the vintage style of the 60's.  It is quite true that there is a demand for heavy duty hardware due to the increased number of heavy hitting drummers who demand the most out of their hardware.  At the same time, we had to face the dilemma of hardware itself getting heavier through this evolution.  The Hybrid Cymbal Stand is our new response to this paradox.  By applying aluminum material which is lighter than steel, we have changed the "Heavy-duty = Heavy" equation.  Our new Hybrid stands have achieved a "Heavy-duty = Light" formula.

Why it has to be Hybrid?

Have you ever noticed that cymbal sounds vary depending on the cymbal stand?  As a matter of fact, the combination of the component materials effect the sound of your cymbals.  When the primary goal is to develop a light weight stand, it's needless to say that the material of choice for the stand should be aluminum.  As we proceeded with the development of  our light weight stands with this concept, it was natural to reaffirm the fact that aluminums advantage was to reduce weight.  On the other hand, aluminum has difficulty transferring the vibration of cymbals.  Under normal circumstances, the main purpose of a cymbal stand is to support a cymbal, however, it is also an important duty of the stand to bring out the best in a cymbals sound by resonating with the vibration of the cymbal.  In pursuit of creating a light weight stand while retaining the best cymbal sound, we went through over 2 years of trial & error.  For starters, we improved the hardness of the aluminum components by using a "heat treatment" which assisted in maintaining the resonance of the cymbals higher pitch range.  Furthermore, we adopted steel as the material to be applied to the areas where vibration was unresolved when heat treated aluminum was experimented with as well as the spot where intensity is required most.  This is how the "Hybrid Stand" made its debut, a stand with a combination of aluminum and steel.  We were able to create a Hybrid stand without degrading cymbal sound while simultaneously solving the weight problem that normally plagues heavy-duty stands.

Commitment to sound and solution to the paradox of weight balance.


In our pursuit of a well balanced stand, we noticed that the industry norm has the weight of a stand increased at the base.  However, we faced a contradiction in adopting steel which has a higher mass than hardened aluminum at the spot near the cymbal.  In recent years, drum manufacturers are apt to adopt a tripod structure with an alternating combination of material in order to set up as many stands as possible in a narrow or small space which puts the bottom of the center pipe somewhat above the floor.  On the other hand, our stand is unconventional for its hybrid structure.  We brought the ideal of balance to reality by designing the center of gravity at a lower position, placing the bottom of the center pipe of stand very close to the floor when set up.  This provides a much better balanced stand.

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*All orders may require a signature at time of delivery unless discussed prior to shipment.

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