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Canopus New Yaiba Bop Set - Dark Red Sparkle

Canopus New Yaiba Bop Set - Dark Red Sparkle

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Sizes: 14"x18"BD/8"12"TT/14"x14"FT/5.5"x14" Sn

This drum set really breaks the mold as far as shear value & quality.  The New Yaiba Canopus sets focus on a unique section of the drum market that targets a previously untapped price range.  It allows a player to step up to an extremely high quality professional kit for a price that can't be beat for the quality you get.  The dark red sparkle finish is to die for & looks classy as all get-out under stage lights.  The maple shells sound absolutely fantastic & the build quality is second to none.  Check out the glowing "Not So Modern Drummer" review!

From the Canopus Site: 

It is indeed an unmatched drum kit in price!


The New YAIBA models have inherited the great Canopus sound & have also specialized & refined the concept of the original YAIBA - but sit in a much more affordable price range. This is a dream come true for those drummers who have always wanted the Canopus sound but could not afford it.

In producing these drums, we adopted a different approach for the shell construction, heads and hardware. In addition, we switched from nitrocellulose lacquer, the use of which is particularly costly and time consuming, to a different type of lacquer - one used by many other drum makers for their high-end models. This has reduced the time of the drying process, shortened our overall production time & enabled us to significantly reduce the price.

We are also able to provide a wide variety of color choices including new sparkle lacquer finishes.
These factors all combine to give the NEW YAIBA a truly unique sound quality.

The New YAIBA Groove Kit and Bop Kit are the result of our research into finding the perfect shell type to suit specific sonic & stylistic requirements. We settled upon birch for the Groove kit & maple for the Bop kit . Our commitment to producing the ideal sound led us to this decision to use different shell types within one series - in this we are confident to say that we have introduced a completely new concept to the drum industry.

With all the revolutionary ideas featured in the New YAIBA, it is indeed a drum kit of unmatched price and value.

You may opt to purchase the set without the snare for $1639.21

You may also opt to purchase jus the snare drum for $444.78

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