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Canopus NV60-M2 Neo-Vintage 60's Model Classic Kit - Green Sparkle

Canopus NV60-M2 Neo-Vintage 60's Model Classic Kit - Green Sparkle


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The price of this set has been reduced.  It is a new set that has been lightly demoed in our showroom.  It is gorgeous, but shows some light wear on the heads, and there may be a light mark here and there on the hoops under close examination.    

Sizes: 14"x22"BD/9"x13"TT/16"x16"FT Optional 5"x14" Snare

This is a gorgeous vintage style kit was one of the center pieces displayed at the Canopus booth at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA .  It's the M2 kit from their Neo-Vintage series & was painstakingly designed to speak with the sonic voice of the much sought after vintage traditional mahogany constructed rock size kits made famous on many of the legendary 1960's records from the golden era of Rock N' Roll.  These drums nail the sound of the 60's to a T!  And we'd know, because we've been lucky enough to own many of the original 1960's kits that this emulates.  These drums have the most gorgeous mahogany interiors with stunning maple reinforcement rings we have ever seen on any drum, new or old.  They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

Thanks to the high quality build on these babies, they far exceed the tuning range of the original 1960's sets they tip their hat to, making them much more than just a one trick pony.  While they do shine in that medium-low tuning range heard on so many of your favorite 60's records & do the rock thing effortlessly, they also sound amazing at higher & lower tunings.  Most definitely an extremely FAT sounding kit to say the least.

*This kit features a show stopping green sparkle wrap finish, 5 ply mahogany & poplar shell constructions with beautiful maple reinforcement rings, vintage profile bearing edges, lo-mass lugs,  thin 1.6mm triple flanged pressed rims that are customized for the NV60-M2 shells, & Canopus suspension mount for tom tom with bass drum mount.


*(Price is for kit without snare.  Reduced price for snare, which was also lightly demoed with the set, is an additional $594.99.  See Canopus Snare section for more on this gorgeous matching M1 snare or to purchase separately.)

Below is from the Canopus site:

Supreme 60's Rock Sound From State-of-the-art Technology


For our NV60-M2, we analyzed the drum sound that stormed the rock world in the 1960’s. The shell construction is made of 5 ply mahogany and poplar with a maple reinforcement ring. Thin 1.6mm pressed hoops that are customized for the NV60-M2 shells further refine the vintage sound. The attack sounds from the surface of the head rather than the point to create an immediate response with sticks and beaters. Crisp and clear snare, bass drum and tom tom combinations recreate the nostalgic sensation of a vintage rock kit and cleanly articulate every audible stroke. Rather than following the modern approach of focusing on the projection of sound, we have instead focused on the timbre of each drum to create the best tone. The sound of the drum head resonates in the space of the drum shells, giving drummers the feeling of consciously controlling every musical nuance.

Our precision bearing-edge technology eliminates the narrow range and tuning difficulties of typical vintage drums, giving today’s drummers the romanticized sound of the past with the modern convenience of cutting-edge technology.

*You may enjoy experimenting with or without bolt-tight on these particular drums, for a greater variety of classic sounds.

What is NEO-Vintage Series?

The Classic Sound of Vintage Drums Brought Back to Life by State of the Art Technology

In recent years. the return to vintage musical instruments has been a universal trend in all genres of music. Because of this we have thoroughly reproduce that memorable sound.
Canopus has combined a vast knowledge of vintage drum design with state of the art technology to produce a modern drum with all the best characteristics of the great drums of yesteryear.


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