Canopus Speed Star Bearing for Tama Iron Cobra Model - SS-900IC-EX - New Lower Price!

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Speed Star Bearing for Tama Iron Cobra

From the Canopus Site:


Blazing Speed, incredible durability!

The Speed Star Bearing that swept the world in the early 1990s has returned! Light, smooth pedal movement with incredible durability can be yours by simply replacing the existing parts on certain pedals with our new Speed Star Bearings. ※All stainless steel (SUS304) construction for durability and dependable performance. ※Unmatched speed and sensitivity from our crank-spring screw and rocker-hub design.(SS-900IC-EX) Materials: Rocker Hub: Stainless SUS304 Bearing: Stainless SUS304 Bearing Case: Stainless SUS304 Crank-Spring Screw: Stainless SUS304