Drummers Dream / Lang Percussion Gladstone Drum Set - Amazing!

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This mind blowing one-of-a-kind collaboration between "Drummers Dream" & "Lang Percussion" is a site to behold & a true "dream" to play.  Drummers Dream was known for building artisan hand made wooden drum shells and breathtaking vintage style builds by the late great master wood worker, Will Tillman.  These gorgeous shells, which were built to the exact specs of original Gretsch 3 ply "Super Structure" shells using 1/16" maple inner & outer plies, & a 1/8" vertical poplar ply, are topped off with 30 degree Gladstone style bearing edges.  They are so strong that they require no reinforcement rings.  These one-of-a-kind shells then had a beautiful saw tooth pattern inlayed, which took inspiration from an 18th century furniture inlay, & is made using ebony & boxwood.  Amazing!  Finally, the shells were finished in a hand-rubbed vintage amber shellack, & shipped from Drummers Dream in Pennsylvania, to Lang Percussion in New York.

Lang Percussion (Arnie Lang), has carried on the torch from legendary musician, drummer, innovator & inventor - Billy Gladstone.  Billy invented the famous three way tuning system, & Arnie has been building faithful reproductions for quite a while.    Once Arnie received the shells from Drummer Dream, he installed all of the proprietary Gladstone hardware & badges, & voila, a one of a kind collaboration between two masters of the percussion universe was galvanized.  This set was an extreme labor of love, dedication, & commitment, & thus may very well be the only one ever made.

This outfit is comprised of a 14"x20" bass, 8"x12" tom, 14"x14" floor tom, & 5"x14" snare.  The snare is a three way tuning build, & the other drums are standard tuning.  While never having been previously owned, the set/shells have been displayed at trade shows, so there are a few small cosmetic signs of being gently moved around & showed off.  Please call for more details.  Enjoy!

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