Extremely Rare 1930's Frank Wolf 7"x14" 2-to-1 Copper Shell Snare Drum

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Although we have read that Frank Wolf offered a copper shell 2-to-1 snare drum in the 1930's, we have never seen one, either in picture or in person, until now.  This 7"x14" heavy copper shelled snare has the classic Frank Wolf 2-to-1 design, which features 12 lugs for the top head, & 6 lugs for the bottom head.  It does not have a badge, as they did not put badges on metal drums during this period.  It did however come with a Frank Wolf stamped calf head on top, which was unfortunately broken, but will still be included with the drum.  This is a historically significant drum that would be an amazing addition to any fine collection.  Please call with any questions.  Enjoy!