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1968 Fender Silverface Bassman Amplifier Head AB165

1968 Fender Silverface Bassman Amplifier Head AB165

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1968 Fender Silverface Bassman Amplifier Head AB165


For your kind consideration is this vintage Fender Bassman head from 1968. This is the "drip edge" Silverface model. It has recently been serviced by a great local tech and is in great working order. Replaced handle, chassis straps, bright and deep switches, and a number things to get it in tip top shape (see notes below). There are a couple of replacement screws on the back panel as the originals were missing. Sounds absolutely fantastic. Enjoy!

*Tech Notes - Replaced fuse holder and failing 22k resistor. Replaced filter caps, cathode bypass caps, bias supply caps and coupling caps between Phase inverter and power tubes. Replaced AC cable. Removed excess solder and re-soldered eyelet board components. Cleaned and tensioned tube sockets. Cleaned all panel controls. Reconfigured bias circuit to be adjustable overall voltage instead of balance adjustment. Chassis grounded potentiometer plate. Re-soldered cracked connections on preamp tube sockets. Installed 6L6 power tubes and preamp tubes. Set bias. Bench tested.

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