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Gorgeous Vintage 1980 Gretsch Bop Set w/ 18" Bass Drum - Rosewood

Gorgeous Vintage 1980 Gretsch Bop Set w/ 18" Bass Drum - Rosewood


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For your viewing pleasure is this beautiful 1980 Gretsch bop outfit in stunning Rosewood. These drums come from the original owner & have been VERY well cared for. These drums are 100% original with the exception of the heads on the 12" tom & the bottom head of the floor tom (both bass heads & top floor tom head are originals). These are of coarse all 6 ply Jasper shells. This is one of the best sounding sets we've ever played in these sizes - they undeniably have "That Great Gretsch Sound". While this set was definitely all purchased together by the original owner & is a factory matched set, the 12" tom was built slightly earlier & displays the earlier drop G stop sign badge while the rest of the set has the square badges. It is quite common in the very early 80's for factory sets to come with mixed badges as this was a transitionary time for Gretsch badges. There is a well known vintage drum dealer that has almost this identical set on his site (even has the 16"x18" bass drum also in rosewood). His also has a drop G stop sign badge on the 12" tom & square badges on the bass & floor tom which goes to show this was par for the course during this era. This model M4244 16" deep by 18" bass drum is absolutely factory (as are all of the drums) & absolutely was never anything other than a bass drum with factory installed Pratt muffler. All of the heads float very nicely (not tight like on some Gretsch drums). The floor tom is the very unique & absolutely fabulous 14" deep by 15" size which can do the 14"x14" bop tuning or the lower 16"x16" tunings with great ease. The combination of the 16"x18" bass & the 14"x15" floor tom makes this the ultimate jazz fusion set that would be perfect for the studio drummer or any drummer that plays multiple styles & enjoys the comfort of manageable sizes. This set would be equally at home in any fine collection or studio or on any stage. Enjoy!

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