Gretsch 1960's Round Badge Micro Bop Set w/ 15" Bass Drum in Blue Glass Glitter

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*No longer available.  

Sizes: 11"x15"/8"x12"/14"x14"

This is a unique Gretsch Round Badge micro-bop set.  The bass drum was a 1960's Gretsch round badge 15"x12" field snare.  The good folks at Precision Drum in NY took a 1/2" off of the bottom to remove the snare bed & consequently a 1/2" on the batter side to make it even on both sides leaving the shell at 11"x15".  Correct Gretch spec bearing edges were expertly cut on both sides.  Precision then made the necessary correct spur bracket installments & rewrapped the drum in blue glass glitter.  The 12" & 14" toms are 1960's round badge drums that were wrapped by Precision Drum at the same time as the bass drum.  The hoops are also Precision Drum hoops with correct size Gretsch inlay channels.