Vintage 1970s Gretsch 14"X14" Floor Tom Stop Sign Badge 6 ply Jasper

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This is a nice early 1970s 14"x14" Gretsch stop sign badge floor tom that has been re-wrapped in chrome wrap.  The original wrap was removed, and at that time the silver sealer paint was stripped from the inside.  A badge was never re-installed, but the hole is there for you to put one in.  Someone installed a mounting bracket in the side of the shell, which are the only extra holes.  The top original muffler looks great and is fully functional, the bottom muffler was removed and the holes were plugged where it was, but you can see exactly where they are and it would be easy to re-install one on the bottom (let us know if you need an extra muffler).  The bearing edges are true and original.  All of the other parts are correct and original with exception of 8 replacement tension rods.  A truly superb candidate for a re-wrap project or players kit!  This drum fits Remo heads easily, and tunes up perfectly.  It sounds wonderful.  Enjoy!  

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