Jaw Dropping Rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity With Wood Dyna-Sonic & Canister Throne - WOW!!!

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*No longer available*

Rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity Outfit


This set is the definition of a time capsule vintage drum set.  It comes from the original owner who ordered the set with all you see here, nothing has been added on.  The meticulous owner kept these all in cases from day one whenever not being played.  And judging by the condition of the original heads, they were played seldom.  There are no cosmetic issues, the set looks practically brand new with not a single pin-point of rust or corrosion on any of the gleaming chrome pieces.  It has the original correct short & tall L arms, & all of the collet noses & knobby brackets are the original machined versions, not the cast versions.  If you've ever dreamt of getting in a time machine to get the Rogers set of your dreams, this may be the closest you'll ever get!  Call us with any questions.