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Kumu All Mahogany Limited Drum Set in Natural Mahogany from Finland

Kumu All Mahogany Limited Drum Set in Natural Mahogany from Finland

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We are proud to be the first shoppe in the U.S. to host the artisan masterpieces that are Kumu drums. Hand crafted in Finland by master drum builder Pekka Helanen, this set is from their family of “All Mahogany Limited” drums & are finished in stunning natural mahogany finish. They are adorned with the very unique & oh-so-cool chrome plated “F lugs” which echo the elegance of F holes found on fine stringed instruments such as arch-top guitars, violins & upright basses. The tom shells are 5.6mm thick 6 ply African Mahogany.

From the Kumu site:

Many people swear by mahogany drums, but they aren’t available all that often. KUMU All Mahogany Limited is a brand new series that offers the rich, full sound of mahogany.

The shells are made of 100% African mahogany; 6 ply / 5.6 mm shells on toms and 6 ply / 7.2 mm shells on bass drums. The bearing edges are fully rounded, emphasizing the warm character of these drums.

The color is the timelessly beautiful Natural Mahogany in a high-gloss lacquer finish.

The drums feature chromed solid steel F-lugs, 2.3 mm SteelPowerHoops and toms come with Kumurim suspension mounts.

Sizes: 8"x12" / 14"x14" / 16"x20"

Finish: Natural Mahogany

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